Smitty's Favourite Internet Links

Christian Radio A collection of links for Christian Radio Stations that broadcast on the Internet.

Music A collection of sites that host Christian Music.

Broadcasts Sites that cast the word to the world.

Soul & Spirit Studies, spiritual upliftment and the like. Check them out.

Devotions Self explanatory, don't you think?

Org Sites The start of a list of Christian Org sites.

Weather Mostly links for Regina and cities of my friends right now but...

Kids Links Mostly for my kids but look if you wish.

Work Related Links Mostly links that I use mostly for work. I keep them here for my benefit. Some of them won't work for the average person and someday when I get SSL working you won't have to be bothered with trying to figure out why you can't get to them...

Personal Mostly links of some of my most frequently accessed sites...

OpenSource Mostly links of some of the OpenSource applications and OS that I use.

Interesting Sites that I have found while searching for information

Just a quick word on my server. I am currently running OpenBSD as the operating system and using Apache as the Web Server.